The Rosemere Curling Club provides your with 3 expertly maintained sheets of ice and a clubhouse to enjoy with friends and members. You can join several leagues that are available.

You could also participate in different friendly "bonspiels"(tournaments) that punctuate the season. These tournaments are the ideal venue for having your friends and relatives discover this sport.

For the not so younger ones, the "Senators" might be the choice for you. This group is composed mostly of "in shape" retired people and people enjoying the luxury of more freedom during the weekdays. The "Senators" meet seldom less than 2 mornings per weeks to play eat and exchange. They also take part in many meetings with groups of "Senators" of other curling clubs of the region.


Youths can participate in the Junior Club where fully qualified instructors teach teens all about the sport of curling. The team may qualify for our region at the next "Quebec Games". The Junior Club normally meets on Sunday mornings.

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